Pulse Oximeter JPD 500-D (LED Display) Jumper


Product Description

Integrated with SPO2 probe and monitor module for processing. Low in weight and compact in carrying capacity. Product operation is simple, with low power consumption. SPO2, PR, with Redisplay,. Display of the pulsed rate, display of the bar graph. Low voltage indication: Low voltage indicator will appear before abnormally working due to low voltage. Automatically shut off function: when the device is within a measuring interface state. If the finger falls out of the scope, it immediately turns off within 5 seconds.

  • Accurate & Quick Measurement: Calculate your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) and Pulse Rate accurately in just a few seconds; The ONLY OLED pulse oximeter that can read and show for SpO2 value up to 100 percent.
  • Sound Alarm Indicator: A smart sound alarm device for tracking your SpO2 and PR. If an abnormal value (higher or lower) is observed, a warning will be made to advise you to take care of body condition.
  • Completely safe and hygienic: Manufactured for pulse oximeters used by physicians and other health professionals according to CE and FDA requirements. Finger rubber uses medical silicone that does not cause pain when plugging the finger and only feels comfortable.
  • Easy to read: OLED display has adjustable brightness and shows results in the clearest and most noticeable way. Waveform and bar graph corresponds similarly to spO2 and pulse rate shifts in real-time. Pick the best comfortable angle for you in four directions.
  • Mini Fingertip Oximeter pulse: very lightweight and small length. The material of high-density ABS renders solid. Handy and compact designs are ideal for home healthcare

Pulse Oximeter JPD 500-D (LED Display) Jumper

Product Specification
Place of Origin CHINA
Model JPD 500-D
Certification CE, ISO
Color Black/White
Accuracy SpO2: ±2%; Pulse Rate: ±2 bpm
Power Supply 2pcs 1.5V(AAA) batteries
Size 58*32*33 mm
Weight 100 gm
Display High Resolution OLED
Weight 0.2 kg

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